Omaha Chamber promotes innovation

Speaker: Kody Schrader, Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce
Kody Schrader, senior director of entrepreneurship and innovation at the Greater Omaha Chamber of Commerce, said that the Chamber targets 35 high-tech, high-growth industries for start-ups. He helps companies innovate and execute ideas. Schrader said he encourages businesses to think about third-party products to introduce to customers. 
The Omaha Chamber is hosting the "Make/Happen" event from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Oct. 8 at the Holland Performing Arts Center. Sessions include topics like risk taking, leadership, problem solving and innovation. Watch this video about "Make/Happen" to learn more:
Club to donate to backpack program
The club voted on Aug. 11 to approve contributing $1,000 to the Blair backpack program.
Volunteers needed for book distribution
The club voted on Aug. 11 to approve contributing $1,000 to the United Way's book program. Dave Ladwig said one book is provided to each K-3 student in Washington County. The United Way has previously asked Blair Rotary to assist with distributing books. 
President Chris Boswell encourages Rotarians to volunteer to distribute the books.