Lloyd began his program by giving us a little history about our local Rotary Club. When Lloyd joined Rotary we met at the Congregational Church as an evening club. Blair Rotary moved on to became a luncheon club in an effort to increase attendance. Another past Rotarian, Geoff Hall suggested to Lloyd he consider taking his place on the OPPD board when he become Judge Hall and resigned the board. Lloyd who has spent years serving the community thought it would be a good fit and so did Governor Heineman who appointed him.

Lloyd assumed after 35 years with Two Rivers State Bank he would be assigned to the financials part of the board. Soon he discovered there were many new things to learn about Nuclear Power and learn fast, Japan was hit with an earthquake and the tsunami that followed created a Nuclear incident worse than Chernobyl.

Lloyds mission now includes explaining to people how safe our Fort Calhoun power plant is. He spoke about the potential dangers-dams up stream that would raise the water level at the plant–it is projected that the OPPD would have 4 days notice to shut down the plant. The another danger is earthquake-New Madrid Fault Zone is geographically the closest large fault Zone. Terrorism was addressed and after Lloyd finished explaining how diffi-cult it is to get into the power plant as an employee it be-came obvious that would not be easy. OPPD’s goal is responsible nuclear energy generation.