Nannen demonstrates PT exercises

Speaker: Dave Nannen, Nannen & Harte Physical Therapy
Dave Nannen, co-owner of Nannen & Harte Physical Therapy in Blair, talked about the importance of staying active when you have a "sitting job." He recommends standing at least once per hour, and laying on your back and on your stomach to stretch your core. "Gravity is our foe," he said. "But when we lay down flat, gravity is our friend."
Nannen advises sleeping on your side, but not with your arms bound together. Never sleep fully on your stomach, which puts pressure on your back. Place a pillow between your knees if necessary to align your hips. 
He also suggests yoga to improve strength and flexibility. Recommended: Sphinx, corpse and child's poses. 
Possible new members
Angie Schrad and Mikki Mullally were guests and potential new Rotarians.