Challenges facing the City of Blair begin with the disposition of Dana College. The first question is what should the City’s role with Dana College be?

Blair needs a convention center, the Danish Library and the City Library could be housed at Dana, perhaps a community theatre group could use the fine arts center. There is a potential Restaurant, and sports complex. Living quarters could be extra rooms to house convention center participants.

The current sale price is 5.9 million, it costs 60k per month to keep the grounds up and the buildings from decaying. Stay tuned for further news.

Infrastructure or the fine art of keeping the city running where no one looking has Sewer and water lines in need of repair and current projects include parts of College Drive and Front Street.

Redistricting– it appears that Washington County will be intact. Legislation appears to be moving forward that would place Washington county with Burt and Cummings counties as a new District.

Further legislation, includes Commission on Industrial relations. This is touted as a good change, it will provide established criteria and could help municipalities.