This is great news from one of the four countries that still have not eradicated polio.  This is what those dollars from the question of the week go for and it does make a difference.  I still would encourage you to donate to polio or the general Foundation fund on your BIRTHDAY; one dollar for every year on this planet would be nice.

 Rajkumar Rajgaria • Over the past year, India has made remarkable progress in driving out polio. For the first time in the country’s history, no cases of polio have been reported in nine consecutive months. (The last case was reported in 13, January 2011 in Panchla,Howrah dist West Bengal 50 KM away from Kolkata And the key ‘polio reservoir states’, Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, have not reported any cases of polio in more than a year.
It has been made possible by the commitment of Rotary,INPPC and our partners

The progress was apparent last year, as well. In 2010, India reported 42 polio cases, a dramatic improvement over the 741 cases in 2009. These unprecedented advancements follow years of concerted, intense and focused efforts among the Government of India, state authorities, UNICEF, the World Health Organization and Rotary International.